Pair of Kings - Season 3

Pair of Kings - Season 3
Pair of Kings - Season 3

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Watch Pair of Kings - Season 3

Synopsis Pair of Kings - Season 3

During the third season of the show, Brady overheard Mikayla and Candace talking. Mikayla won’t date Brady because she finds him too immature; so Brady leaves a note to Boomer, telling him that he will be leaving the island and heading for Chicago until he is mature enough to date Mikayla. When Boomer was about to take a hot air balloon to bring Brady back to Kinkow, a storm struck. The storm was about to destroy the island. Mason, Mikayla, the villagers, and the guards were to bring Boomer inside. Lanny, instead, tried to get Boomer killed in the storm while Boomer was attempting to get Brady. The storm passed and the next morning, they discovered a crashed boat. Several people exited the crashed ship. The last person to exit was King Boz (Adam Hicks) of Mindu. The new arrivals told how their island was destroyed by the storm and how they crash-landed on Kinkow. The inhabitants discovered that King Boz had a Kinkow-shaped birthmark on his bellybutton. Boomer and Brady were revealed to be two of a set of triplets, not just twins. Boz was lost as a child and subsequently was raised by apes. Later, the king and queen of Mindu found him and raised him as their own son.

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