Ex-girlfriend Club

Ex-girlfriend Club
Ex-girlfriend Club

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Synopsis Ex-girlfriend Club

Soo-Jin is a producer at a film production company. Her company decides to make a film based on a popular webcomic by Myeong-Soo’s. The webcomic is about Myeong-Soo’s ex-girlfriends. It just so happens, Soo-Jin is also an ex-girlfriend of Myeong-Soo. Now, Soo-Jin has to interact with her ex-boyfriend and his 3 ex-girlfriends: Hwa-Young, Ji-A and Ra-Ra.

  • Ex-Girlfriend Club
  • Song Ji-Hyo
  • Lee Yoon-Ji
  • Jang Ji-Eun
  • Hwa Young
  • Shin Dong-Mi
  • Cho Jung-Chi
  • Kwon Seok-Jang
  • tVN
  • Byun Yo-Han

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