12 Monkeys - Season 2

12 Monkeys - Season 2
12 Monkeys - Season 2

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Watch 12 Monkeys - Season 2

Synopsis 12 Monkeys - Season 2

A drama by American science fiction production takes place in a future Earth where mankind away gradually perish by service type virust defends terror. The Government remains of the World has convened elite scientists and foremost to try to return to the past and tryu down the source of this disease in order to prevent history in time before it spread. Dr. Young Cole and his delegation after returning to the past has discovered many mysterious horror of this tragedy, it is not just by accident arising out but by a dictator and his mediate currently exist in the future, in the ranks of the World government.

  • 12 Monkeys - Season 2
  • Aaron Stanford
  • Amanda Schull
  • Noah Bean
  • Terry Matalas
  • Travis Fickett

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